7 Troop, 22 SAS

UKSF Realism Unit
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Arma UKSF Simulation

We are a UKSF military simulation group based in Bohemia Interactive’s ‘Arma 3’. An established unit whose core membership has been together since early 2017 we offer not only quality, but stability to our enlisted members.

Our priority is to offer a highly realistic depiction of an SAS Air Troop for the Arma community. We are structured in accordance with our real-world counterpart and as such are provided all of the combat support & equipment afforded to one of the world’s most elite special forces.

Our unit is limited to a relatively small number of specially selected and vetted members who undertake virtual deployment to a variety of areas of operation across the globe, safe in the knowledge that each member around them is highly trained and prepared to the highest possible quality.

What To Expect

Examples of deployments & operations undertaken by the troop include :

– Counter Insurgency
– Domestic & International Counter Terrorism
– Covert Operations
– Direct Action
– Special Recconnaissance

Operations & Training

Our operations & training take place every Thursday & Sunday from 20:00 – 23:00 (London)

Created with realism in mind, we take pride in the immersive nature and immense detail of our missions. 


UKSF Selection

Our UKSF selection pipeline is specifically designed to find the most dedicated, talented & well-fitting candidates.

Selection itself takes one session with our Directing Staff, after which you will be ‘badged’ into a patrol and will begin ‘Continuation Training’ to help find your perfect role within our unit.

Were Recruiting

Candidate Requirements

– Must be aged 18 or over. Zero exceptions are made to this rule.
– Must own a legitimate copy of Arma 3 (No DLC Required)
– Must be able to attend one mandatory weekly session on Sunday (19:00 – 23:00 GMT/BST)
– Must be able to speak fluent English
– Must be able to communicate via. TeamSpeak & Discord
– Must be able to download & maintain a mod set via. Arma3Sync